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Neuro-muscular education

Your nervous system controls everything

Neuro-muscular education training is a revolutionary, patented and scientifically proven training that has positive effects on problems of neurological, immunological and muscular origin. We look at your complaint from a neurological perspective. Each muscle has its own nerve that activates the muscle.

Due to all these effects, the person experiences a significant pain reduction.

Neuro-spiereducatie: Veelgestelde vragen
Neuro-spiereducatie: Ontmoet het team
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STEP 1: test and reset

The risk of injury increases when the muscles do not receive an active signal from the nervous system. Thus, the nervous system must be able to communicate efficiently with the muscle so that the body is able to absorb strength.

A reset of the muscle-nerve connection is necessary to obtain the expected outcome of subsequent steps.

STEP 2: locate cause

The search for cellular suppression allows us to pinpoint the cause of your pain / symptoms.
The neurological connection to your muscle that failed retraining will remove the source of your symptoms.

The reaction of your body tells us which compensation pattern we need to correct and which tissue (due to inflammation in tissue or scar tissue) causes a disturbance in your musculoskeletal

NSE (4) versterken - grote versie.jpg

STEP 3: eliminate wrong neurologic patterns

When an injury occurs, your body has an automatic response to protect your joint. Every muscle is made to perform a certain function. Compensation patterns arise when the muscles perform different tasks than the ones for which they were developed.  We are going to reset the communication between the muscle that failed and the nervous system. Correct movement patterns are the basis of this step, including balance, control and posture.

We are going to eliminate compensation patterns so that you are able to move correctly. The affected limb will recover, inflammation in the tissue and scar tissue will be eliminated.

STEP 4: strengthen

During this step, we will further strengthen your new correct pattern that we learned in the previous step. We do not want to create a temporary change, but a permanent adjustment. We will strengthen the ability to absorb more force. We also strengthen the signal to control muscles and tell them how to use them.

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