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Frequency Specific Microcurrent

The energy carrier ATP is the chemical basis for all living cells.

FSM is a non-invasive treatment method. The principle of FSM is that every tissue has a certain micro-frequency. Recovery occurs by giving the correct micro-frequency to the damaged body part, whereby the patient receives the correct micro-frequency via electrodes.

The frequency is body-specific and is adapted to the complaint so that the body

can recover quickly. The effect of these micro frequencies is an increase in energy production (ATP) in cells by as much as 500%. This greatly accelerates the healing process. The treatment method is used to help patients recover.

The protocols we use in practice come from Doctor Carolyn McMakin who uses them at her Portland clinic and Jacque Caluwé. 

FSM - handelectroden groot .jpg
Frequentie Specifieke Microcurrent: Onze diensten
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