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During an intensive HIIT cycle training (each at his level) we offer the body an oxygen percentage of no less than 90% with a revolutionary oxygen machine from the USA. This oxygen supply is extremely high, knowing that in the open air we only have 21% oxygen.

As soon as the body shows that it has sufficient oxygen, we will adaptively supply oxygen: by going from an oxygen-poor environment to a very oxygen-rich environment, your body will have an even greater need to absorb all available oxygen. We are training your ability to absorb oxygen.

When our body has the opportunity to provide the cells and organs with more oxygen through a HIIT training, we can reverse a lot of diseases and preventively prevent them.

> detox of the body - detoxification

Adaptieve zuurstof therapie: Onze diensten
Adaptive oxygen therapy

When cells can't breath, nothing else matters.

Only an oxygenated body is capable of following processes: 

> anti-inflammatoiry effect 

> slowing of anaerobic fermentation promoting growth of tissue, blood vessels, osteoblasts and clasts

> kill anaerobic viruses, bacteria and fungi

Adaptieve zuurstof therapie: Veelgestelde vragen
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Zuurstoftherapie - masker.jpg
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